Majestic flag store was born out of the need for a quality product supplier of flags and flag poles .

In 2003 the owner of majestic janitorial supply wanted a  flag pole for his new retail location, after days of searching for a local company or even a regional company to purchase a good quality pole , there just were no good options only thing available was fence post metal with a pulley on top.

So Mr Mueller started researching  flag pole and flag factories, after ordering a couple of poles for the new store, and several other items for family ( since it was close to Christmas)  they were sitting in the floor in the front of the janitorial supply store  when a customer ask ” Do you sell flag poles ? I saw them sitting on the floor over there”  to which Mr Mueller replied.. well yes I do , with no intention of getting into the flag business hence it was born.

The popularity was amazing so we started expanding types and sizes of flags to well over 1000 different ones and now offer custom flags and banners with about anything you want on it . within reason of course .

All our american flags are made in america .



United States Flag on the Blue Sky Illuminated by Sun. Large USA Flag on the High Metal Pole.