COF – 1 Floor Coating/Finish Restorer


COF-1  Floor Coating/ Finish Restorer 

This product is a maintainer and gloss enhancer. With proper use, COF-1 can significantly lengthen the life of floor coatings and finishes and can reduce or or eliminate the need for wax stripping.


COF – 1 Floor Coating/Finish Restorer is a revolutionary new formulation that solves the great difficulties associated with the challenges of keeping a floor clean, slip resistant,and brilliant! A newly designated super concentrate,one gallon of between 8,000 and 192,000 square feet of bright, clear and wet looking gloss. COF-1 is a safe simple, and effective alternative to time consuming floor maintenance processes of the past! COF-1 can be used to clean, maintain, and restore finished and crated floors.


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